The United States loses 22 veterans a day to suicide, and we have witnessed the impact beyond the statistic.  Following the deaths of some dear friends, we formed the R&S Foundation to help prevent our nation’s veterans from falling through the cracks.



The R&S Foundation focuses its resources on emergency financial funding, professional development, career mentoring, and active network building.  By partnering with former Veterans Affairs employees, veteran employment NPOs, corporations and individuals, we are able to provide accepted veteran applicants with a supporting infrastructure that accelerates their transition home.  Additionally, we have an active network of over 1,000 Recon Marines, Marine Raiders, and Scout Snipers that our applicants can lean on to rekindle the brotherhood they left after service.  For many veterans, losing connection to their teammates after service creates a void in their lives, and acts as an initial barrier to a successful transition home.  Our network of Recon Marines, Marine Raiders, and Scout Snipers spans the country, and our members can help accepted veterans surmount the obstacles precluding them from a successful transition – empowering them to achieve excellence once again.


Pushing all my pride aside, I received monetary assistance to make rent and other bills from the group of men who formed the R&S Foundation. I’ve received no judgment for asking for help. I’m not looked at in a different light. All the help was organically generated by my fellow Reconnaissance/Scout Snipers/SARCs. We live what we preach. Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you. Arrugha!

Former Recon Marine

The responsiveness and get it done attitude that we Recon Marines pride ourselves in is alive and well within the R&S Foundation. Their willingness to help a brother in need, without hesitation was truly amazing and made me proud to be a Recon Marine. The R&S foundation with be there to help pull you to your feet so that you can continue mission. Thanks so much for the help.

— Former Recon Marine

Like a boxing match, sometimes life can hit you so hard with a few good hooks, that you are about to take a loss, and your pride prevents you from reaching out and asking for help. When you realize you have support backing you 110% and swallow your pride, your cornerman is right there with his tools and advice to talk some sense into you, cool you down, and patch you up real quick, and give you the boost you need to win the match.

The Recon and Sniper Foundation was my cornerman in a situation where I had nowhere else to turn. Their help, as well as their mission, was selfless and noble.

— Former Recon Marine

From the Heart;

“Never above you, Never below you, ALWAYS BESIDE YOU” is a term we use in our Brotherhood for so many reasons.

We respond with these words when one of our Brothers needs us, or has been there for us. I have used these words many times.

Too many times in the early morning hours on the phone hoping that my words would convince a Brother that life was worth living. “Never above you” means I am here when you need me no matter what.

Like so many that succeeded, thrived, excelled in the line of work we chose, I offered when needed, but denied when in need.

Recently I found myself in need. Call it ego, denial, or just plain stubbornness. I continued the mission as things only got worse.

Alternate routes were not producing, as the perfect storm raged around me.

During my time in uniform, I pressed myself, challenged myself, and met others’ challenges, with success, too many times to count.  I thought, what was different this time? I finally realized that I was never alone, not back then, and not now.  I needed help.

Like every other time I found success in the past it was with my Teammates surrounding me. I needed them now. Admitting the need was the hardest part. I reached out.

The Brothers that form this Foundation responded immediately and assessed the situation.  My situation became their mission.

I was treated with respect, understanding, and dignity. They understand the unrelenting sense of pride we all hold dear.

They showed me that the words, “Always beside you” are far more than words. They live them.

I still have a fight on my hands, but the help I received from them gave me space, hope, and confidence that I can finish the fight. For their understanding, assistance,  respect, and true Brotherhood, I am forever grateful.

As things get better, and they will, I will dedicate myself to action, to promote these Men, these Brothers, this Brotherhood.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all, and will never forget what has been done for me.

~ Former Recon Marine

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