Team RSF's Mission

To promote organized competitive shooting sports to veterans and active duty service members as a venue for firearms education, community, and sportsmanship.

Which will be accomplished through the following OBJECTIVES:

  • Establish and fund regionally organized teams to serve as representatives of the organization.
  • Raise and deploy funds in support of veterans and service members engaging in or seeking to engage in organized shooting sports activities.
  • Grow veteran/service member participation in competitive shooting sports.
  • Utilize the shooting team to raise awareness for the parent RSF organization and its mission.
What is Team RSF
Our primary mission is to promote Recon & Sniper Foundation (RSF). We are one avenue to help veterans change their high-risk behavior into a positive and goal oriented hobby. We also promote competition shooting sports to active duty and reserve guys to help further their firearms skills.
We launched the project back in January 2016. It’s difficult running a non-profit organization due to the time commitment and long distance communications. Everyone involved has full-time jobs/commitments, but we believe in the mission because it helped us get out of dark times.
We have individuals shooting all over the US but there are always isolated individuals. If someone is close, we will link you up with them. If not, we’re here 24/7 to help you get into whatever discipline you want to compete in. Bottom line— establish a network of individuals to compete together.
The awesome thing about the competitive shooting sports community is being around like minded people from all walks of life. You’ll meet some vets, but mostly it’s gun enthusiasts who will smoke check you in the beginning but are willing to help you learn the sport.
Want to become a member?

Email for a registration form.


Prepping with Team RSF PROMO

COMING SOON! SEPT 2017: "Prepping with #teamrsf" Follow us in a short film about transitioning out of the military and entering competitive shooting sports. #brianenos #practicalshooting #beyondfundamentals #uspsa #marines #usarmy #usnavy #airforce #reconsniperfoundation #badgerordnance #bullseyetacticalsupply #magnussportsusa #devildogarms #primeammo #techwear #midatlanticsectional @reconsniperfoundation @usmc_scout_sniper_association @usmcreconjack Team JJ!! (The Official JJ Racaza Fan Page)racaza @techwearusa @servo_group @bullseyetacticalsupply @devildogarms @primeammo

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Welcome! This is our official release video explaining a little bit about who we are and what our mission is. This was released at SHOTSHOW 2017. RSF made over 60K in rifle/pistol raffles and donations!We have selected team captains for our USPSA and Precision Rifle teams. Additionally, we have regional team leaders throughout the U.S. Standby for more info, match footage and training tips! Recon&Sniper FoundationBullseye Tactical Supply Inc.Team JJ!! (The Official JJ Racaza Fan Page)Badger OrdnanceJ.W. RampMagnus Sports USAU.S. Practical Shooting Assn. (USPSA)

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