South Texas Axis Trophy Hunt Raffle




South Texas Axis trophy deer hunt on private game ranch (In on Friday PM , Saturday, Sunday, out Monday AM) guided by USMC premier sniper who will provide private marksmanship coaching and firearms mentoring. Hunt and range time will be the emphasis of this all-inclusive two day adventure.

  • Trophy Axis buck
  • Axis doe
  • Pigs, assorted varmints, small game
  • Marksmanship council/coaching for long gun and pistol with world class sniper instructor
  • Rare private exposure to exotic firearm range time (one on one) with world class sniper instructor
  • All-inclusive accommodations (food, lodging, ammo, firearms, travel, mount if desired)


Venue is a private game ranch which is never commercially hunted. It is located approximately one hour west of Corpus Christi and two hours south of San Antonio near Lake Corpus Christi. A secluded private family retreat it is extensively managed for game hunting and holds trophy Axis deer, White tail deer, Fallow deer and Nalgai antelope. Multiple indigenous wild life species abound. Private range facility, skeet/wobble trap field on site, bass /catfish ponds and other diversional activities available.


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