Sonny Morgan - Director

Sonny has spent nearly 13 years in the military and 4 years in the private security sector with multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is currently enrolled in Norwich University in Defense Analysis and Strategic Studies.  He enlisted in the Mississippi National Guard in 1998 at the age of 17 and went to basic training and advanced individual training at Fort Knox, Kentucky, after graduating from Amory High School.  He was an M1A1 crewmember and had worked his way up to the gunner seat, in 2001, before being granted a conditional release, from the Guard and leaving for Marine Boot Camp in August.
Sonny graduated MCRD San Diego as Series Honorman and went on the to the School of Infantry from there.  Once in a line unit he deployed in support of OIF I.  Upon returning he attended the indoctrination for the STA (Surveillance and Target Acquisition) Platoon and passed.  He attended and graduated from the 1st MarDiv Scout Sniper Basic Course and deployed immediately to Okinawa as part of the Unit Deployment Program (UDP).  From here his unit deployed back to Iraq for OIF II and participated in Operation Vigilant Resolve.  When he returned to the states he spent a short time instruction at the 1st MarDiv Marksmanship Training Unit, where he re-enlisted and PCS’d to Washington, DC to Marine Barracks 8th and I, for Presidential Support Duty.  After more than 3 years on station he extended his contract with the Marine Corps and reported to Camp Lejeune, NC to Marine Special Operations Advisors Group (MSOAG).  After a few months in the battalion S-3 (Operations) he we to the training cell (T-Cell) were he was the lead instructor for their pre-sniper course and an assistant instructor for CQB as well as Special Reconnaissance.   Once the MSOAG changed command to 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Sonny became an element leader on MSOT (Marine Special Operations Team) 8323.  Sonny left the Marine Corps before he was able to deploy with his team.
Once he left the Marine Corps, Sonny was hired by Xe/USTC/Academi/International Development Solutions.  He worked high threat protection in Kabul as a PSS/DDM before becoming a Shift Leader and running the #2 Ambassador’s team in country.  Once he was ready for more responsibility, he moved up to the Training Manager for the entire task order.  
He is very ambitious and seeks to help those in need at any hour.
Always Beside You

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