This is the Foundations Annual Fund Raiser where  the majority of our funding to assist veterans comes from.  We have had a couple more donors step up and offer some great prizes. Help us to reach our goal of 100k and buy a ticket today!  Click  here or on the images below to purchase a ticket!

The M40A6 will be the first winning ticket drawn This is a beautiful rifle that was made possible by Badger Ordnance, Mile High Shooting, SnipersHide, Frank Galli, Hog Saddle, and KMW Long Range Solutions.

Winning ticket number 2  is a package of Steel targets donated by Inmotion Targets The lucky winner will take home a total of 21 steel targets!  (4) 100% IPSC Targets, (12) 66% Targets, and (5) 45% Targets.  

Winning Ticket Number 3 will be the proud owner of a Glock 21 Gen 4 with Trijicon RMR RMO4 sights.

Winning Ticket Number 4 Will win  a Complete AR-308 Rifle Package donated by Acme Machine


Winning Ticket Number 1

Winning Ticket Number 2

Winning Ticket Number 3

Winning Ticket Number 4

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